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I want to create a new community centered around quality human interaction and collaboration on the subjects of tech and programming.

If you have any feedback, please chat with me here. I'm still very much in the process of building out this website and making it awesome, so check out the features I'm planning on adding soon if you're curious.


  • Why you shouldn't go to Harvard (Google Zeitgeist)

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    Posted 10 months ago.

  • Existential Risk Prevention

    www.existential-risk.org Discuss

    Posted 10 months ago.

  • Share your projects!

    What type of software projects are you working right now? Show us what you're up to :).

    You can also add your awesome projects here!.

    Right now I am building this (I hope) cool website with Rails and then I want to build myself an opensource home assistant.

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    Posted 10 months ago.

  • Information in the age of Coronavirus

    www.indiehackers.com Discuss

    Posted 10 months ago.

  • Hello World

    This is awesome!!!

    Posted 10 months ago.

  • What I've built and learned in 2019

    This post is a recap of everything I've learned and done in 2019 and the projects I was and am building. I've included links to all the amazing resources I used to become a better programmer.

    This year is the one I truly started programming. It all started on a rainy day in January when I was sitting at my desk with an English as...

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    Posted 10 months ago.

  • The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann

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    Posted 10 months ago.

  • Sort by Controversial

    slatestarcodex.com Discuss

    Posted 10 months ago.